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| parents          =  
| parents          =  
| spouse          = Peggy Shaw Bramhan
| spouse          = Peggy Shaw Bramhan
| children        = None
| children        =  
| occupation      = Counsellor
| occupation      = Counsellor
| profession      = Psychologist
| profession      = Psychologist

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His Grace
Shimun Mar Yacoub
Bishop of the United States of America
Shimun Mar Yacoub
His Grace, Shimun Mar Yacoub (a.k.a. James Peter Bramhan) of the Nazarani Church
Native name שימן מר יקוב
Church Saint Thomas Monastery, Emporia, Virginia
Archdiocese Nazarani Church
Metropolis Nazareth(Nazareth, Israel)
See United States of America
Elected 21 December 2012
Successor Vacant
Consecration 12 September 2012
by H.E. Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel
Personal details
Birth name James Peter Bramhan
Born 1951
Darlington, South Carolina, U.S.A.
Died 65
Emporia, Virginia, U.S.A.
Buried Arlington National Cemetary
Nationality American
Denomination Nazarani
Residence Emporia, Virginia
Clinton, Maryland
Washington D.C.
Spouse Peggy Shaw Bramhan
Occupation Counsellor
Profession Psychologist
Education Ph.D., D.Div., Th.D.
Alma mater University of the Potomac

His Grace, the Most Reverend Dr. Shimun Mar Yacoub (Aramaic: שימן מר יקוב) was born "James Peter Bramhan" on 16 August 1951 in Darlington, South Carolina to Ethel Franklin Bramhan and the late Richard Bramhan, Sr.


His early education was received in the Darlington County Public Schools, after which he earned graduate degrees in psychology, divinity, theology and philosophy. He also taught a number of martial arts modalities prior to becoming a priest.

African Orthodox Church

Like many African American clergy at that time, he found himself sidelined by the Catholic hierarchy in the United States - so while he was originally trained in Roman Catholic seminaries in the United States, he was eventually ordained as a priest in Africa, where it was felt his skin color would be more acceptable to the people. Eventually coming back to the United States, he wound up serving as a priest and then later as bishop of the African Orthodox Church.

This denomination was founded by the Rev. George McGuire in 1928 to provide a home for those who were disenfranchised by the racial policies of the mainline denominations.


His Grace married Deaconess Peggy Shaw Bramhan. The service was conducted by the Rev. James Salisbury of the African Orthodox Church.

Deaconess Peggy Shaw Bramhan died in hospital on 10 October 2011.[1]

Attempted Conversion to Orthodoxy

For two years from 2010-2012 A.D., His Grace attempted to join the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, and the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, but was rejected by all of these, out of fear of being one-upped by him as the result of his episcopal status and strong, charismatic personality.

Nazarani Church

In September of 2012, His Excellency, Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel, the Nazarani Metropolitan tonsured James Peter Bramhan as a monk, and incardinated him under the name "Shimun Mar Yacoub", meaning "Peter Lord Jacob" in Aramaic; giving him the title of "Bishop of the United States". Thus he was bishop of the Nazarani Church from its inception in 2012 until his death on 1 January 2017.

Prior to his death he built the Community of St. Thomas, Emporia Virginia, where he served as bishop, pastor, resident clinical psychologist.



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