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We welcome you to join with us on the journey forward, uncovering the ancient and authentic faith in [https://netseran.org/wk/index.php/Yeshue Yeshue] the Messiah!
We welcome you to join with us on the journey forward, uncovering the ancient and authentic faith in [https://netseran.org/wk/index.php/Yeshue Yeshue] the Messiah!
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== Pages ==
<li>[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FeLmlvGurcYBFLFXhU4IywmnIBOG2kqfupq4Z7ysLZU/pub?embedded=true 2012 Convocation of the Nazarani Church]
<li>[[2016 Convocation of the Nazarani Church‎‎]]
<li>[[Apostolic Lineage of the Nazarani Church]]
<li>[[Apostolic Succession]]
<li>[https://netseran.org/wk/index.php/Aramaya Aramaya (ארמיא)]
<li>[[Aramaic Bible Study]]
<li>[https://marelijah.org/vk/index.php/Book_of_H%C3%A9nok Book of Hénok]
<li>[https://marelijah.org/vk/index.php/Carta_de_Derechos_de_Nazaret Carta de Derechos de Nazaret]
<li>[[Christian Fathers On The Nazarani]]
<li>[[Community Building]]
<li>[[Easter Computus]]
<li>[[Ecumenical Relations]]
<li>[[Gregorian Calendar]]
<li>[[Gospel of Towmas]]
<li>[[Holy Offering]]
<li>[[Holy Order of Deaconess]]
<li>[[Immovable Feasts of the Nazarani Church]]
<li>[[Injreja Nazarani do Brasil]]
<li>[[Iglesia Nazarea]]
<li>[[Les Douze Commandments]]
<li>[[Levels of Initiation in the Nazarani Church]]
<li>[[Matrimony in the Nazarani Rite]]
<li>[https://netseran.org/wk/index.php/Miltha Miltha (מלתא)]
<li>[[Mission Building]]
<li>[[Nature of Christ]]
<li>[[Nazarani Church Calendar]]
<li>[[Nazarani Church Canon of Scripture]]
<li>[[Nazarani Church Flag]]
<li>[[Nazarani Clergy]]
<li>[[Nazarani Clothing]]
<li>[[Nazarani in China]]
<li>[[Nazarani Rite]]
<li>[[Nazarani verses Christian]]
<li>[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RkecYZ5Oyhczz96tBlzImGdMGuepUEwRS1TpBTa5X2E/ Nazareth Charter]
<li>[[Netseran Aramaic]]
<li>[http://www.lulu.com/shop/hadrian-mar-%C3%A9lijah-bar-isra%C3%ABl/peshitta-gospels/hardcover/product-12449236.html Peshitta Gospels]
<li>[https://marelijah.org/vk/index.php/Prayer_Bowls Nazarani Prayer Bowls]
<li>[https://marelijah.org/vk/index.php/Publications Publications by Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel]
<li>[https://netseran.org/wk/index.php/Qrygma Qrygma(קרגמא)]
<li>[[Ranks of Clergy in the Nazarani Church]]
<li>[https://netseran.org/wk/index.php/Rshma Rshma(רשמא)]
<li>[https://netseran.org/wk/index.php/Shabata Sabbath]
<li>[[Sacraments of the Nazarani Church]]
<li>[[Saints of the Nazarani Church]]
<li>[[The Symbol of Faith]]
<li>[[The Trinity]]
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== News ==
<li>2017-04-24, After eighteen (18) years of service to the people of Gray's Harbor County, the [https://www.facebook.com/saintnikolascommunity/ Saint Nikolas Community] has closed it's doors to the public.
<li>2017-03-22, The [https://netseran.org/wk/index.php/Netseran_Language_Institute Netseran Language Institute] has announced that they will be putting the [http://netseran.org/ Netseran Language Encyclopaedia] online later this month, as a free tool which may be edited by the public.
<li>2017-03-17, Congratulations to His Excellency, [http://marelijah.org Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel] on his retirement as [[Nazarani]] [[Metropolitan]].
<li>2017-01-03, Condolences to the family of His Grace, [[Shimun Mar Yacoub]], bishop of the [[Nazarani]] Church who passed into the eternal realm on 1 January 2017.
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== Articles ==
<li>What is the '''[[The Difference Between Syriac and Aramaic]]?'''
<li>[https://righteousendeavour.com/ressources/52a523f4bafdb4acabc040ce3c6f6ac5c2f935f6.PDF '''The Alpha & the Omega, A Short Study on Revelation 22:13''']
<li>'''[https://righteousendeavour.com/wk/images/5/57/The_Fifty_Occurrences_of_the_Name_YAH_in_the_Old_Testament_by_Hadrian_Israel.pdf The Fifty Occurrences of the Name YAH in the Old Testament]'''
<li>The [https://www.facebook.com/notes/hadrian-mar-elijah-bar-israel/bnay-qy%C4%81m%C3%A2-or-sons-of-the-covenant/1345396602216864/ '''Bnay Qyāmâ בני קימא or “Sons of the Covenant”'''] represent the most ancient form of the movement which would later be adapted to become monasticism.
<li>Why can't people admit that the '''[[Christian Scriptural Canons]]''', are still an unsettled dilemma?
<li>[http://nazarani.org/wk/images/9/92/A_Critique_of_Josef_Ratzinger%27s_Claims_About_Philosophy_by_Hadrian_Mar_Elijah_Bar_Israel.pdf '''A Critique of Josef Ratzinger's Claims About Philosophy'''] being equal to the [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Testament Old Testament]
<li>[https://righteousendeavour.com/ressources/2f6a14cdcc7ba9544b0773cd54dfa93c21badb13.PDF '''Did Jesus Really Speak Greek?''']
<li>[https://righteousendeavour.com/wk/images/5/50/List_of_Biblical_Names_with_YAH_as_either_prefix_or_suffix-by_Hadrian_Israel.pdf '''List of Biblical Names with "YAH" as either the Prefix or Suffix''']
<li>What does the [[Nazarani]] [https://righteousendeavour.com/ressources/996a43bcc3741e56a51718fd2a2548c467497754.PDF '''Man in Motion Emblem'''] represent?
<li>A few words [https://righteousendeavour.com/ressources/41dd5bb499256875b18b6a2f94b2b109c5335475.PDF '''On Confession''']
<li>[http://nazarani.org/wk/images/e/ed/Test_faced_by_Middle_East%27s_Christians_by_Hadrian_Mar_Elijah_Bar_Israel.pdf '''The Test Faced by Middle East Christians]''' has never been greater than it is today.
<li>What is the [https://marelijah.org/vk/index.php/The_Truth_About_Lucifer '''The Truth About Lucifer''']?
<li>[https://righteousendeavour.com/ressources/ae700631196adf51068b0605a8fd6ab4677abbd7.PDF '''What Everyone Needs to Know About Tithing''']

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The Tsleba (Aramaic: צליבא), meaning "cross" of the Nazarani Church.

Nazarani is the name which is used to describe the righteous followers of the messiah Yeshue, known as the Bet-Qayim, or "children of the covenant" (See Acts 3:25), who are the traditional sons and daughters of the Covenant with YAH. The Nazarani Church (Aramaic: עידותא דנזריין) is a sui juris church headquartered in Nazareth, Israel, which was formed on 21 December 2012, out of the personal apostolic administration of His Excellency, Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel (Aramaic: אדרין מר אליא בר ישראל) the Nazarani Metropolitan. The current head of the church is His Excellency Yusef Mâr Aloben.

There are presently around 35,000 people worldwide actively participating in this movement to restore the Aramaic language and apostolic culture. We worship in the Aramaic language, live the ancient scriptures, and follow the holy tradition as it has been passed down across the millennia; in an unbroken line of Apostolic Succession stretching all the way back to Saint Mark the Evangelist and before him to Yeshue the Messiah Himself.

The Nazarani Church uses the Aramaic Language Peshitta (Aramaic: פשתא meaning "straight path”) version of the scriptures, because they are presently the most direct path to understanding the lives and words of Yeshue and His disciples. We worship using the Qurbana Qadisha (Aramaic: קרבנא קדישאת) "Holy Offering" according to the Nazarani Rite, which is the only pre-3rd century liturgy still in use anywhere in the world. This form of worship is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and authentic rites ever to be translated into any modern language.

We welcome you to join with us on the journey forward, uncovering the ancient and authentic faith in Yeshue the Messiah!