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Encyclopaedia of Saints

It is our hope that in the future this website will include an exhaustive encyclopaedia of the saints. Until then, the names of the saints can be found in the Immovable Feasts of the Nazarani Church.

The Book of Life

Traditionally there is a Book of Life, which includes the names of all of the Saints of the church, living in the [1] Yeshue, for they will have eternal life in Him.


The Nazarani Church accepts not only our own Nazarani saints, but also all of the canonized saints of the various Christian denominations. There are however a number of caveats to that acceptance.

First of all - no murderers are allowed. While the Nazarani Church accepts most of the Christian as well as Nazarani saints, she does not accept those saints who have committed or participated in the killing of any person. Because of this, we have excluded a number of the "saints" of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, who are known to have killed or advocated the killing of human beings.

For instance, although the Eastern Orthodox Churches call their Saint Constantine the Great an "Equal-to-the-Apostles", he wasn't even a Christian, but professed Arianism, and was asperged (but not baptised) by the Eusebius of Nicomedia, also an Arian. Much worse, however is the fact that he murdered more than a million people both in his various wars, and in targeted executions. He even murdered his own son, brothers and cousins. Because of this, we believe that Constantine is not eligible to be a saint in any church of Life.

Prohibition on Veneration

Nazarani do not under any circumstances venerate the saints, since only Alaha is worthy of veneration and worship. Additionally, there is nothing in the Aramaic and Hebrew scriptures which can be interpreted literally to say that the saints are our heavenly intercessors, or call upon their names in prayer.

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