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All Nazarani together are one Sharbata (Aramaic: שרבת) "family" or "tribe" with Yeshue the Messiah. Because of this, we build mission communities centered around family, rather than parishes. Through these communities we can expand to share our common heritage, our worship, our use of the Aramaic language, and evangelize by example of our struggle to live righteous lives.

Aramaic Bible Study

Ideally, most Communities start out as Aramaic Bible Study groups, and then expand from these to include community prayer and worship. After some time, these groups may electing one of their own to represent them as as a deacon.


Deacon candidates are sent to the bishop for approval and ordination. Ordination to the diaconate requires that the Candidate:

    • Has reached the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which they reside.
    • Have a Certificate in Pastoral Studies.
    • Have no significant moral defect.
    • Be ready to undertake the prayers of the Community in the role of deacon.
    • Be attested to by at least four members of the Community.

As a Deacon, the minister may assist at the celebration of the mysteries, conduct the ritual worship of the Church, et cetera. However he is not able to independently celebrate sacraments such as baptism, marriage, et cetera.


Some men serve the diaconate in Christ their whole lives, without advancing to the priesthood. However in isolated communities, and in rural towns, it is preferable that there be a priest to conduct the ritual services of the Church. A deacon who wishes to progress to the priesthood should enroll in a Master of Divinity or Master of Theology program.

After completion of his Master of Divinity, and one year of practical service in ministry, the male Deacon may then approach the bishop for ordination to the priesthood.

Priesthood Ordination

Requirements for ordination to the priesthood, include the same requirements of the diaconate, with the following additions:

    • Be at least thirty (30) years of age.
    • Have earned a Master of Divinity or Master of Theology degree.
    • Be able to celebrate the Nazarani rîte, and conduct the other sacraments of the Community.
    • Be attested to by at least twenty (20) people as someone who is capable of conducting himself faithfully in the priesthood.