Levels of Initiation in the Nazarani Church

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There are four steps and thus three traditional levels of initiation which Nazarani must undergo. Each one represents a progressive step in the process by which each person eventually comes to an understanding of God and Church; and thus creates new faithful, fully prepared for a life of righteousness.

Novice AELON אעלון

A novice, or Catechumen. These are people who are uninitiated in the tradition, but who have a strong desire to learn. This is the period of time, usually lasting at least one year, whereby a person integrates himself into the community of the Messiah, by studying the scriptures and learning more, before they are finally scheduled for baptism. These are said to be standing at the entry to the "Baba Nazaranayin", meaning either the Gate of the Nazarani or the Gate of the Branches.

The Catechumenate is not a sacrament however, and is therefore not necessary to receive the grace of Baptism.

Upright AHUMADIN אחומדין

This means, “one who is considered upright” and refers to those who have been reconciled by the church and thus received through baptism, "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Spirit of holiness", in living water.

Anointed AMSHAKHT אמשחת

This refers to “one who has been anointed”. This is done on the forehead, eyes, ears, neck, chest, hands and feet by the bishop in a ritual ceremony symbolizing the creation of that person into the body of the Masikha משיחא or "Messiah", which means literally “The Anointed”. Thus the Messiah, ‘the Anointed’ becomes the anointer of those who are welcomed and integrated into His anointed body.

Righteous TZADEK צדק

True Nazarani are known as Tzadek (or plural: tsadekim). The word Tzadek means literally “the righteous”, who upon reception of the Eucharist, have accepted the Messiah into themselves for eternal Life.