Immovable Feasts of the Nazarani Church

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These are the immovable feasts and fasts of the Nazarani Church. They are known as 'immovable' because the dates on which they are celebrated do not change from year to year. The Nazarani Church celebrates the feasts of our spiritual ancestors and the events which took place during the life of Yeshue in order help us remember and define who we are and where we come from as a people.

This list is compiled using the Julian calendar dates, so you will need to add an additional 13 days to the date noted to obtain the Gregorian calendar date. The fact that there are presently 13 days separating the Julian and the Gregorian Calendars means that those feasts scheduled to take place on Sundays (Julian) will actually take on Saturdays (Gregorian). For the Nazarani way of thinking, this discrepancy works as a temporary bridge between the Biblical requirement that the Sabbath be regarded as Holy, and the temporal reality that most Christians are still celebrating their Sabbath on the Pagan Greek's "Day of the Sun" (Sunday).