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The Nazarani Church has no official ecumenical or other relations with any religious or political organization or entity.[1] It is by the example of our righteous lives, and not by hollow words and gestures that we are able to make the greatest possible contribution to the faith. That being said, we are happy to share our knowledge and practice of the ancient, traditions, language, worship and culture of Yeshue the Messiah freely with all people, everywhere.

Metropolitan's Ecumenical Directive

In his Ecumenical Directive of 2014, His Excellency, Hadrian Mar Elijah Bar Israel, now the Emeritus Metropolitan wrote that:

Facts are facts, whether we like them or not, and whether we understand them or not; and it’s a pure and simple fact that some people’s opinions really are better informed and therefore more valuable than others. The truth is that although many people do hold different opinions than our own, that doesn’t mean that they’re correct. Ecumenism is on its face hypocrisy. If we are to truly believe that we are right about something as important as faith, and then claim that "I think that your opposing view is also right", then I’m either embracing syncretism, and / or lying to you (and maybe even to myself) about the fact that I think you’re wrong. To play “nice” about such things is to embrace deception. Furthermore, the materialist context of “ecumenism” usually creates situations such as “gatherings” and “meetings” where groups come together to lie straight to each other’s faces in the name of “peace” and “understanding” – which is merely the work of the Akelkarsta (Aramaic = “Deceiver”).


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