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The Nazarani Church has an easy to follow, three step process for building thriving communities anywhere in the world. The actual process is more complicated, but here are the basic steps to follow on the path to building a strong and thriving Nazarani community.

Step 1 - Aramaic Bible Study

The first step is to download the Aramaic Bible Study (ABSP), in your language. If an ABSP has not yet been developed in your language, then you can translate it or pay someone to have it translated. The ABSP is necessary, because it roots the community in the Aramaic biblical tradition, and prepares its members to be able to carry on the other functions of the community with knowledge, integrity and an understanding of the teachings of Yeshue and the Nazarani way of life.

Step 2 - Mission Status

It is only natural that the community which forms around the ABS would also begin to pray together, and experience the ancient form of worship known as the Prayer of the Covenant. This second stage is known as Mission Status (MS). Acceptance of communities or congregations for MS is subject to the Mission Building Agreement, a contractual agreement, which outlines the responsibilities of missions within the Nazarani Church.

A community with MS needs to appoint one or more people to guide the singing of the Prayer of the Covenant on a weekly basis. The community should also look at ways that it can benefit the greater community in which it lives by doing charitable works and by expanding their ABS program beyond the core group.

Step 3 - Community Status

Once a community of believers has celebrated the Prayer of the Covenant for a full year, they may choose to send a male candidate from their community to be trained to serve as a Nazarani priest. Alternatively they may also choose to pay for the relocation of a Nazarani priest to serve their community. This is known as COMMUNITY STATUS (CS). CS opens many doors, and allows the community to take full advantage of the benefits of membership in the Nazarani Church.

Priesthood training generally takes three years, and ends with the candidate receiving their Masters in Divinity from the Zeitoun University. After they receive their degree, they are ordained to the diaconate, and serve until the bishop ordains them as a priest and consecrates the church. Once their priest is ordained and their altar is consecrated, the community achieves full status as a Nazarani community.